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Vignale in the press: advertisements

While the large auto manufacturers have many opportunities for advertisements and brochures, and budgets to meet these, smaller firms like Vignale had to have more selective and be a bit more creative to attract their clientele.
Motor Italia, 1958 Fortunately, in post war Italy, there was still a reasonable market for cars built by small coach builders. Thus a few magazines could afford to specialize in this niche, attracting regular advertisements form Vignale.

Ads appeared in magazines like Motor Italia and Auto Italiana, especially in the fifties. At the same time, Vignale attended auto shows, where new models were sure to attract attention of journalists. In these years, only occasionally brochures were issued. For the relatively large scale produced models like the Lancias or the Maseratis, brochures were issued by these.

Only by the mid sixties, when Vignale started to produce the Fiat models under their own name, Vignale issued their own brochures...
brochure for the Gamine, ca. 1968

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