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Vignale cars by manufacturer

Abarth Chrysler Fiat Nardi Rolls Royce Volvo
Alfa Romeo Cisitalia Jensen Opel Siata
AMC Corvette Lancia OSCA Standard-Triumph
Aston Martin Cunningham Maserati Packard Tatra
BMW Daihatsu Matra Pegaso Vignale
Cadillac Ferrari MG Record vehicles Volkswagen


Vignale built a wide variety of cars. In order to put some order in a necessarily somewhat chaotic list, let's split up this list into two categories: models designed and built by Vignale and models that were designed by Vignale but were built by others or were even never built at all...
But anyway, the cars that were actually built by Vignale in Turin can easily be identified by the Vignale badge at the side of the car. Early cars usually have a badge with a gold coloured rim, later badges are chrome plated.
Early Vignale badge Later Vignale badge
Furthermore, the cars from the larger series have all stamped a number in the panels to identify the parts during assembly. In the engine bay you'll find the same number stamped into a small metal plate to identify the car later on.

Vignale ID plate
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