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Lancia Aprilia Lancia Aprilia The Lancia Aprilia, built in 1949, marks the start of an intimate cooperation between Vignale and Lancia. A cooperation that lasted 15 years and resulted in a variety of models, both in smaller as well in larger series.
Although Vignale attracted a clear interest in the Lancia Aprilia's clientele, only few Aprilias could have been built as the Aprilia was soon to be replaced by the revolutionary Aurelia.
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Lancia by Vignale

Appia Berlina (1956) Appia Sport (1956) Aurelia Coupè 'Ginevra' (1951)
Appia Convertibile (1957) Aprilia (1949) Aurelia Coupè 'Italia' (1951)
Appia Gran Lusso (1956) Aurelia Convertibile (1950) Esatau 703
Appia Lusso (1958) Aurelia Coupè (1950) Flavia Convertibile (1962)

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