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Registro Vignale is a club of owners and enthusiasts of the cars built by the Carrozzeria Vignale, from 1948 until 1969.

Vignale designed and built coaches to a wide variety of cars: Not only Ferrari, Fiat, Lancia and Triumph, but also BMW, Volkswagen, Rolls Royce and Tatra, to mention just a few.

The register's aim is to create a platform where members could help each other out with problems they encounter. Keep in mind that often parts were used in common for cars produced alongside each other.

A second aim is to reconstruct the factory's history. After Vignale closed their doors virtually everything has gone lost.

Angela Verschoor
From a Vignale sales brochure, 1957...
The caption in Italian above stating "In ten years' time hundreds of models" might be a bit exaggerated, but to be honest, not more than just a little bit. Currently there are well over 150 Vignale models listed on the web site, and most of them are FIATs from the first ten years. But next to the FIATs, production consisted of the Lancia Aurelia, the famous Ferraris as well as numerous models produced in small series or even commissioned by individual persons.
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